Existing security tools failing to keep up?

Nemesis - Advanced Malware Protection Nemesis

Malware Detection and Prevention

In-the-cloud, real-time, protection from botnets, APTs, and malware. Think it's possible your security tools are missing something? Nemesis will find what the other tools have missed.

On your best behaviour

Nemesis uses advanced network behaviour analysis in conjunction with real time intelligence. The full service solution is customized to your network behaviour fingerprint, constantly adjusting to what is normal for you and users.

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Onions have layers

As an additional layer of security, Nemesis finds malware where other traditional tools leave off, filling in the security gap they've left exposed.

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Every Nemesis deployment includes the Dedicated Anomaly and Threat Analysis (DATA) team, real people who look after your network. Working with our automated tools and intelligence sources, they ensure complete and qualified coverage of your network traffic.

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Cloud Solution

No really. It is that easy.

No hardware, no software. Just punch a few keys and you're done. We tell people it takes 15 minutes when it's really 5. They just have a hard time believing anything is this easy.

Fire fighter.

Nothing to maintain, configure, update, or babysit. You have plenty of daily fires to extinguish. Concentrate on those and we'll be working for you quietly in the background.

Hosting without borders

Because we are cloud based you can have your servers pretty much anywhere. Too cloudy for you? We've got data centres too.

Nemesis - Advanced Malware Protection

Malware & Malicious Activity

Who's bad?

Malware, botnets, APTs, zero days. Whatever is in or trying to get into your network, we can help. Nemesis looks for malicious communication of any kind and stops it.

Just click it. Trust me.

Worried about your users being fooled by fraudulent links or phishing attempts? Nemesis keeps your users safe from that too.


No matter how complex the malware gets, one thing will remain the same: It needs to call home. When it does, Nemesis will be there.

Full Service

Non-stop fight

Nemesis is 24hour, year round protection from malware. It's always on and always watching, creating and updating real time rules to protect your network from the latest threats.


You don't need any staff to run or monitor Nemesis. Not only is it all done in the cloud but it comes with a team of threat analysis experts to watch over your traffic so you don't have to.

Free to move about

We may be focused on malware but with custom rule creation you can use Nemesis to do policy blocking as well. With the release of Clarity it will be even easier, two products, one interface.



In the haystack

Think it's possible your security tools are missing something? Nemesis will find what the other tools have missed, letting you know about systems on your network compromised by malware, botnets, and APTS.

What have you got to lose?

Malicious software may be actively running within your network, stealing your data, your login credentials, and personal information of your users or your clients. Nemesis will find it and cut off the communication channel, rendering the malware inert and incapable of sending sensitive data off the network.

The sooner the better.

Compromise is inevitable, so response time may be the most important component of any security suite enhancement. Nemesis will not only decrease the chance for compromise, but often be the first to respond when something sneaks through your perimeter.


Hold it right there.

Malware trying to sneak in through one of the numerous browser or software vulnerabilities? We'll be there to slam the gate. Sites hosting malware that would compromise your network are blocked automatically with Nemesis.

The sharpest tool.

Click happy employees or educated cautious users. At some point we all get fooled. Fraudulent links, phishing campaigns, rogue antivirus downloads, and forced redirection to malicious domains are all blocked by Nemesis to keep your people safe.

Equal rights.

Regardless of operating system, browser, or device, Nemesis can protect any Internet enabled device on your network.



Cut the cord

Nemesis can cut off the communication to malware command and control, mitigating the threat and its malicious intent. The malware can no longer exfiltrate sensitive data nor receive instructions, leaving it powerless.


You may have the time and resources to take every compromised system off the network and clean it up, but many of our clients don't. Nemesis mitigates the threat so you can wait for AV to clean up the mess.

Choose your weapon

Send the malicious communication where you want. Display a protection page to users, make it hit a brick wall, or send it back to a sinkhole on your network to do further analysis.

Dedicated Analysis

Keeping it real

The Defence Intelligence DATA team is part of the package. The Dedicated Anomaly and Threat Analysis team members are real people, experts in malware and modern threats, looking through your network traffic on your behalf.

Free labour

Hiring in house staff is time consuming and expensive. At a fraction of the cost, Nemesis gives you a new security service with the staff to manage it.

Kinda like Robocop

Fully automated systems are either too cautious or too aggressive, resulting in false negatives or false positives. With a balance of automated tools and human analysts Nemesis is a well-rounded security solution.




Every instance of Nemesis is different because each network is different. Behaviour that is perfectly normal for you may be anomalous for another. Nemesis adapts and evolves with each client network to fight the malware that targets the individual as well as the masses.


Block anything you want. If you have a trusted blacklist to incorporate or would like to enforce policy restrictions, Nemesis allows for custom rule creation with no limitations.

Choose your own adventure

Display custom messages for users being protected from malware or route malware communication to different destinations. Receive alerts for different events and see reports how and when you want.

Save Money & Time

Going green

Nemesis can reduce malware compromise, reducing costs involved with a breach, including staff downtime, overtime, data loss cleanup, client impact, and actual monetary theft.

Free play

Your IT and Network Security staff's time is precious and expensive. Don't pay them to do what we can do for you at a fraction of the cost. Free them up to put out the fires already ablaze!

Appropriate for all audiences

Other similar solutions are usually double or triple our costs. We designed Nemesis to be highly effective, but efficient and affordable, so businesses of all sizes could afford quality security services.

Simple Interface

Look. No hands.

We designed the Nemesis service with the busy security professional in mind. You don't have time to manage another tool? You don't have to. We'll find the bad traffic and stop it. You never even have to log in.

It's your prerogative.

Make your own rules, reconfigure and customize the system, dig deep into every event detail, or just check in for the monthly reports. Both styles work with Nemesis full service.

One ring.

Nemesis, Clarity. Both are managed in the same easy interface using the same custom rule application. You can use the manual to balance that wobbly table.

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