DNS Monitoring and Managment

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Monitoring and Management

An insight into network and user traffic. Want to know where your traffic is going and take full control? Clarity will help you reign it in.

Clarity helps you stop traffic that shouldn't be leaving your network, saving on wasted bandwidth, preventing personal system detail exposure and reducing network vulnerabilities.

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By monitoring your network through Clarity you can control all your traffic, blocking access to particular sites, policy categories or entire countries.

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Working with Nemesis, Clarity allows you to have policy and malware management in one place, both focused on keeping your users and your network safe.

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Cloud Solution

No really. It is that easy.

No hardware, no software. Just punch a few keys and you're done. We tell people it takes 15 minutes when it's really 5. They just have a hard time believing anything is this easy.

Hosting without borders

Because we are cloud based you can have your servers pretty much anywhere. Too cloudy for you? We've got data centres too.

Network Insights


What you didn't know

Discover routing and software misconfigurations. See what internal queries are reaching the Internet, wasting bandwidth and creating possible vulnerabilities.

You're still here?

Find software that is calling home to outdated update locations and reveal software that shouldn't even be running on your network.


Map out your network traffic across the globe. You might be shocked. By knowing where your traffic goes in the world and what the traffic relates to you can make better choices for policy changes and geographic traffic restrictions.

Policy Details

Working hard or hardly working

Reveal how much of your traffic is business related versus leisure. Show what percentage of your traffic is for entertainment or socializing instead of necessary business activity.

Pest control

Discover adware, torrent activity, proxy usage, adult and gambling traffic. Get in front of the activity that is against company policy and see who is trying to go around your existing policies with proxy usage.

Sharing isn't caring

Are users uploading and downloading company data to file sharing sites? See what sites they are using and decide which are acceptable and which should be blocked.





Every instance of Clarity is different because each network has different needs. Use our preset categories that are automatically applied to your traffic or create your own.


Block anything you want, from high level to minute granularity. Restrict access to categories like Social Networking or File Hosting/Sharing and even entire countries, or work at the domain level to get it set just how you need.

Choose your own adventure

Display custom messages for users being restricted by Clarity, letting them know their activity is against policy regulations, or just send them right back to the company homepage.

Simple Interface

Look. No hands.

We designed Clarity to work out of the box. That means your traffic is categorized for you. Pick what you want to allow and what you don't, then walk away. And also there is no box.

Ooooh. Pretty.

See all your traffic how you want to see it with easy to understand graphs and charts. Get monthly and quarterly reports to see how things have changed and how wonderfully you and Clarity have worked together.

One ring.

Nemesis, Clarity. Both are managed in the same easy interface using the same custom rule application. You can use the manual to balance that wobbly table.


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